Can I exercise my abs every day?

There is some disagreement on this topic in the world, but the overall consensus is that you probably shouldn't. Muscles need a break to rebuild before the next onslaught of exercise and abs are no exception

Although Random Abs provides a daily routine, this does not imply that our routines should be done daily. Resting your muscles after exercise is as important as the exercise itself. Overworking any muscle, abs included, will be counterproductive to progress. Bottom line - If you are in doubt, do not exercise your abs more than every other day.

Is it better to do ab exercises in the morning or at night?

Any time is better than never! Generally speaking, morning exercise is better as it revs up the metabolism for the day, but you may want to delay morning ab exercise by an hour or more after waking. Studies have shown that while you sleep the disks in your back become hydrophilic (fill up with water). When you first wake up you are actually taller from this and your balloon-like discs are more prone to injury from lifting and bending. So, it is probably best to wait an hour or two after waking for the fluid in your discs to normalize before doing ab exercises or other bending/lifting activity.

Also, starting with a healthy activity can lead to better health choices throughout the day. But, there is no problem with night-time abs workouts.

My abs are still sore from yesterday. Should I skip today?

Most likely, Yes. Read the topic "Can I exercise my abs every day?"

My stomach fat is not reducing even after all these ab exercises. Is it not working?

There are many factors to consider such as diet and other activity that could be stalling results. You should also know that burning fat in "target areas" is an ineffective myth. Doing ab exercises will not necessarily burn stomach fat just as leg exercise will not necessarily burn leg fat. Our bodies store fat in different places and will burn fat for energy from its most convenient source (and that source may not be where exercise is taking place).

For maximum results, please engage in other exercises and activity to work the entire body as well as eating a healthy diet. The result will be better overall fitness and the ability to burn more calories. Your core strength is also the key to this overall fitness, so be sure give your core a lot of attention still.

Why does my neck get sore when doing crunches, etc.?

The most common reasons for neck soreness during ab exercise is pulling the head with hands and straining. You should never need to pull your head forward to accomplish a crunch or similar exercises. Try just placing your fingertips behind your ears for minimal support, if any. Also, if your soreness is from straining to hard to accomplish a rep, focus on relaxing it. You will find that relaxing the tension in your legs and neck while doing a crunch, etc. will bring a more natural and comfortable movement through the exercise as well as engage your abs at an even deeper level.

How should I be breathing while working my abs?

Just breathe normally! You should NEVER hold your breath while doing ab exercises. If it helps you to remember to breathe, try counting your reps after each one using all your breath. At the top of your crunch you would say "one" with all your air and breathe in again at the bottom. Then come up and say "two" with all your air, and so on.

What is Random Abs?

Random Abs is a free web-app which provides a new, randomly generated ab exercise routine every day.

How does Random Abs work?

Random Abs' success comes from the fact that our exercise routines are not predictable. Our algorithm creates, without any human influence, a new routine to follow each day.

Have you ever become bored of an exercise video or just doing the same routine each day? Yeah...we hate that too. Random Abs is more like a personal trainer who switches things up and keeps it interesting. PLUS, it is more effective to do different intensity levels of different exercise in different orders each time you work out. This is how results happen and why we have set it up this way!

Is Random Abs really free?

Yes. Simple as that :)

Will Random Abs give me a 6-pack?

Well...it will definitely help! But in reality, no. Read on.

The only way for any 6-pack to show is to have very little belly fat. Ab exercises will not necessarily target belly fat, so be sure you are mixing a healthy diet along with other exercise and activity to lower your entire body fat content. Once the belly fat is minimized, then yes, Random Abs is a great tool to strengthen and enhance your abs and make for a meaner-looking pack.

Even if you never get the "6-pack" look, strengthening your core is still worth all the health benefits and increased energy you will gain.

Can Random Abs make the routines easier/harder?

By nature, our generated routines will have some variance of difficulty throughout them. We understand that the routines generated may be too easy for some and too hard for others, but the current average difficulty level of routines generated is most accepted overall. That being said, we encourage you to tailor the routines to best suit yourself (i.g. you can reduce or increase the number of reps for each exercise by 50% to make it easier or harder).