Random Abs was created under the knowledge and belief that a strong, healthy core is central to overall health and fitness. Thousands of movements you make every day depend on your core muscles for stability, support and motion. Focus on strengthening it and other areas of health will fall into place, including:

  • A stronger desire to exercise and strengthen the rest of your body

  • Increased endurance

  • More energy to be productive at home and at work

  • A sense of health that comes with exercise that deters bad habits of smoking, drinking, snacking, etc.

  • Self confidence

The biggest problem with exercising your core, as with most any exercise for that matter, is that it takes time and work. While striving for results it is easy to become unmotivated and bored of doing the same thing every day. For those who already vary their routine, it can become frustrating to always try to decide what to do. Enter, Random Abs.

By varying the routine with the number of exercises, reps and sets, Random Abs will keep your body guessing and produce results. Our proprietary algorithm randomizes the routine without any human involvement in what exercise routine is produced. Some days may be harder than others, but the idea is that you will always get something new and different, just like what a personal trainer would deliver.

Thank you!

Eric Olson - Creator of Random Abs

Photo taken during video shoot for exercise demos :-)

Photo taken during video shoot for exercise demos :-)