Beta is now closed

Download the public release of Random Abs HERE

Android App (Beta)
Test the new Random Abs Android app prior to release
Do you want to get early access to Random Abs for Android? We could use your help trying it out and giving us feedback! visit this link in your Android’s browser and follow the instructions:
Give us feedback on our contact page for any of the following:
  1. Bugs (things that plain don’t work or are obviously wrong)
  2. Things that seems odd
  3. Things that seem unintuitive
  4. Issues with how things are laid out (text is cropped, elements overlap, things are pushed off screen, etc.)
  5. Anything that is plain obnoxious
  6. Reasons why you wouldn’t rate this app 5 stars
Please be harsh if necessary!! The only way we can produce a good product is if we know what the problems are :-)
Thank you! ❤️